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The Audacity

Tomorrow is the day, I made it y’all. Now, there was definitely a period of 6-7 days 🗓of no posts but, I’m #proud of me. This time of reflection 🪞has eye opening and needed. Looking back I think my biggest #challenge has been creating a space of #patience and moving past #procrastination. I feel the next goal would be to satisfy the goals I have set forth for this first quarter. Satisfying goals will look like increased patience with not only myself but others too. It also

Start Now!

I’ve always been a procrastinator, I even began justifying it by saying I work well under pressure. I do believe that a little pressure from time to time is needed. But, I have wondered what would like look like if I did the task immediately. In the times that I have started a task #immediately I found joy in not being strapped for time. If you know me, time is not my best friend. 😅 It has been my goal to work on “timing,” in fact, I started seeing clients in the am to force


I once heard the brain is the most dangerous neighborhood to walk around. #Mental health illnesses can be #manageable, if caught and properly maintained. Maintenance can look like seeing a therapist weekly, utilizing coping skills, taking #medication or other things. Statistics show 1 in 5 American adults experience some form of mental illness any given year. And across the population 1 in every 20 adults is living with a serious mental health condition such as #schizophre

Eat the dessert 🥧 first

Society gives us so many #rules to live by. #Society also will attempt to make you believe that you are supposed to live by those rules. I’ve always been a foodie, and for the longest time I would be looked at strangely for eating my salad last. I especially remember a dinner with family at Golden Corral, in which my aunt asked “why.” I couldn’t give a justification at that time, but now I know with all certainty of the answer. I was #born to #break the rules, #humbly I am th

Pass the Palo Santo

#Palo Santo also known as “#holywood,” is best known for its ability to invite #positivity into the world of the person that has lit it. As always I never know what I will write about until the subject hits me. As I dragged myself inside from a long day of sitting with some of my favorite people, I needed a pick me up. My house felt a bit “#meh” so I decided to strike a match. Instantly I felt #rejuvenated and a spike of #energy hit me (definitely not like the 2 punches I rec

Unapologetically Me...

Day Eight, bring your #sexy ass here 😝. Okay, let’s be clear, I am always #unapologetically me! So let me whisper my personal #affirmation to you all 🗣I am a motherfucking #vibe! Now, I’ll keep it clean going forth lol. I ask all of my clients whether they use affirmations in their daily lives, but why?! There are 24 #hours in a day, that’s twenty-four hours we have a #chance to talk negatively to ourselves. (even more if we broke the day down minute by minute or second by

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