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Unapologetically Me...

Day Eight, bring your #sexy ass here 😝. Okay, let’s be clear, I am always #unapologetically me! So let me whisper my personal #affirmation to you all 🗣I am a motherfucking #vibe! Now, I’ll keep it clean going forth lol. I ask all of my clients whether they use affirmations in their daily lives, but why?! There are 24 #hours in a day, that’s twenty-four hours we have a #chance to talk negatively to ourselves. (even more if we broke the day down minute by minute or second by second) What are you telling yourself about you? Now, I also won’t pretend that I’m riding a wave of #dopeness daily. Days get hard, life is hard! But, for every peak there is a valley. If we didn’t experience those valleys, would we truly appreciate the peaks? Personally, while I don’t enjoy the valleys, I’m #thankful for them. Valleys allow time for reflection and strategizing next moves.

I experienced lots of #valleys in 2015, it was a hell of a year. I also experienced many #peaks. In 2015 I was in my final year of #graduate school and I felt like breaking. 🥴 But, we bend baby (ahem....inserts NOLA accent), we don’t #break! I mean bendddddd, as deep as y’all bent as a child playing “limbo”. 2015, the first year I considered talking to a #therapist. Just so you all know 🗣it’s okay to talk to a therapist! However, it’s important that you find one that you #jam with. Your experience should be one of #comfort and #fun 😜. Before you give me a side eye, yes, fun! I believe #discovery is the best part of finding #yourself. Once you know that person no one can take that away, then the fun begins. To quote the doc 😅, “Oh, the places you’ll go.”

Anyways, I’ll let y’all go, but here’s some homework. I challenge you to take notice of the thoughts that run through your mind daily. How many opportunities are you allowing yourself #permission to be great or permission to #relax? What negative things are you telling yourself? What positives things? Try these on for size ====> "I deserve the best things in life." "I am doing the best that I can with what I know." "I #litter dopiness everywhere I go" (definitely just made that up, so y'all can definitely quote me lol).

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