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Start Now!

I’ve always been a procrastinator, I even began justifying it by saying I work well under pressure. I do believe that a little pressure from time to time is needed. But, I have wondered what would like look like if I did the task immediately. In the times that I have started a task #immediately I found joy in not being strapped for time. If you know me, time is not my best friend. 😅 It has been my goal to work on “timing,” in fact, I started seeing clients in the am to force myself into a “#morning” person. I’ve won the battles and I’ve lost, but I enjoy the “try” each time.

Why is it that “we,” (using we extremely lightly here) find comfort in the rushing of things? Or, even comfort in delaying things? I think that with certain tasks, it’s the unknown that stops us. With other tasks, maybe just don’t want to do it? I can't lie, there are parts of my practice I hate handling, but it has to get done. The thing is adulting is ghetto asf, and we just have to get #shit done. Each day I attempt to overcome procrastination, and some days I fail miserably. In thinking about a previous post, sometimes things just aren’t in our control. The #lesson here would be, do your best and move along.

I think more than anything todays post is for #motivation. Whatever it is that you have been putting off, get it done. We are on borrowed #time ⏰, and I would hate for that thing you wanted so badly to not get completed. SN: I was invited to Costa Rica 🇨🇷 for birthday pictures in the jungle 😜

Almost #thirtyfive 🤭


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