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Tips to Boost Your Mental Health

1.Track gratitude and achievement with a journal. Include 3 things you were grateful for and 3 things you were able to accomplish each day.

2. Go off the grid. Leave your smart phone at home for a day and disconnect from constant emails, alerts, and other interruptions. Spend time doing something fun with someone face-to-face.

3. Take 30 minutes to go for a walk in nature - it could be a stroll through a park, or a hike in the woods. Research shows that being in nature can increase energy levels, reduce depression and boost well-being.

5 Mental Health Tips:

1. Get plenty of sleep.
2. Avoid smoking and vaping. 
3. Get some fresh air and sunlight. 
4. Set realistic goals. 
5. Make a cup of tea.


“You must learn to let go. Release the stress. You were never in control anyway.”

-Steve Maraboli

"It's never to late to be who you want to be"

-George Eliot

National Suicide Prevention Hotline

If you find that you are having an emergency and is in need of speaking with someone immediately please call this line. 1-800-273-8255

Find Shandelynn

Shandelynn is listed amongst some of the best websites. Below you will find the link to Therapy for Black Girls, feel free to check out her profile.

Find Shandelynn

Shandelynn is a member of Mental Health Match, you can check out her profile here.