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Playing Basketball


Get yourself a gratitude notebook. Any type of notebook will work. For the text 2 weeks each day write down 5 things that happened for which you are grateful. 

These listed things can be anything, conversations or occurrences. Once your two weeks are complete, revisit your list. You can do this every 2 weeks for a boost of joy. 

Boost your mental health:

1. Listen to music.

2. Go to a museum. 

3. Get some fresh air and sunlight. 

Image by Natasha Kasim
Working from Home

How to start affirmations:

Start your sentence with one of the following present or future tense phrases:

  • I am...

  • I have...

  • I choose to...

  • I believe...

Helpful Numbers

National Suicide Prevention Hotline:


(chat/text) 988

Domestic Violence Hotline:


(text) 88788

NAMI Hotline:


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