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We All Fall Down

*cues Donnie #McClurkin*

This is not a drill, we all fall. Unfortunately for me, I literally fell 🗣in #public y’all 😂. Catch this, because this is important, #laugh at yourself‼️ This will save a ton of time wondering what everyone has to say or what they will think about you. Let’s think about it, how much time do you spend worried about others? How much #time do you spend on your own #projects? Now, what if you begin to replace the time spent thinking about others and serve yourself? In my situation, I had #zero f’s to give. The only goal/project was to laugh at my fall and get back up to exit the arena. In fact, I’ve been telling everyone continuing to laugh at my pain. (Literal pain, I’m definitely seeing my #chiropractor this week🥴).

I sometimes wonder what life would be like if we took time to laugh at our #blunders. Would the world be full of people that care a bit more for others? Would people be more #accountable for their actions? Laughing at yourself can be #powerful in many ways. You are able to see how big the #world truly is. How small the problem is in contrast to how big you are #magnifying it to be. I do understand there are things in life that are harder to just laugh off, but I urge you to try it. Fall down, and get back up laughing.

Boy the road to #thirtyfive is seeming rough asf 🥴Also, if you were wondering, I fell gracefully with my wig intact lol.

Day 12, running a little behind, but if you know me lol.


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