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The Closer-Happy Birthday to Me!

Today is the day, I made it! Today for sure a #star ⭐️ was born! This journey has been truly amazing. When I began thinking about how I wanted to create something #special for my birthday, I didn’t imagine it would be this. With the exception of a few days I have held myself #accountable and finished strong. Let’s chat for a quick second on why this accomplishment is so special. #Journeying back to 2015, I’d just finished graduate school and I felt exhausted. I was extremely tired and over everything. Three years of schooling with no breaks #drained and stole everything from me. I can remember a time when I loved to read and would take a new book as a challenge. Nowadays, I pray to finish a book. Whenever my dad asks “how do you do it, having so many books?” I simply reply,I never finish them. It’s not the thought of not finishing, it’s truly the height of the interest. #Believe it or not, the #Twilight series was amazing for me. For context people, those books are hundreds of pages, per book. Entering #graduate 👩🏽‍🎓 school demanded a new woman…and as the years passed, that #woman had to level up.

So, I hope you’re getting closer to #understanding my why. I knew that I would have things to share, and I knew that they would be #helpful. What I didn’t know, is how many would tune in and literally look forward to my next posts. This trial run reminded me of that girl prior to attending graduate school 🏫. There was excitement and laughter held within those posts. Hell, some post I literally was in #tears 😭 because I would realize how funny I truly am. (SN: that #statement is not up for discussion, it’s already been confirmed. I am hilarious 🤣 #facts) If you were not able to catch what I was throwing (see funny lol), here it is, graduate school took something as important as finishing a full book for leisure from me. I am extremely happy to finish this journey to remember I am capable. For you, you too are capable, show us your talent.

Now, let’s see if I can tie this whole thing up in a pretty bow. Here’s what I have learned in #thirtyfive years on God’s beautiful Earth 🌍

  1. Take the leap, you’ll #survive.

  2. Recognize red flags 🚩 and respect all relationships by being an #autonomous being.

  3. Love 💕 or Loyalty- I choose both!

  4. #Chaos 🌪 is always an option, choose to be present instead.

  5. #Lessons- Bet on you, you’ll always win 🏆

  6. Find your #gift and use that shit- the world needs you.

  7. We are no longer in the little #league, we only talking big shit.

  8. Peaks and #Valleys, they are the ebbs and flows🌊 of life.

  9. Make sure to #create a Plan B for everything, things happen. 📑

  10. Remove what is no longer serving you! Your #grandma, your #Ancestors, #parents etc all prayed for you. Don’t mess this up. ✨

Here is a bonus- True family and friends are a gift from God, don't ever forget that. Sometimes we are born with that gift and other times we find those gifts. Either way, if you are blessed enough to have those relationships, cherish them. Or, find a therapist lol (shameless plug)

Hello #Thirty-Five, we have been waiting for you! The third floor is always nice, I am #blessed to be here.

SN: you may find the rest of this video on my IG page, @teatimetherapypllc. Check for the blog highlights.


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