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The Audacity

Tomorrow is the day, I

made it y’all. Now, there was definitely a period of 6-7 days 🗓of no posts but, I’m #proud of me. This time of reflection 🪞has eye opening and needed. Looking back I think my biggest #challenge has been creating a space of #patience and moving past #procrastination. I feel the next goal would be to satisfy the goals I have set forth for this first quarter. Satisfying goals will look like increased patience with not only myself but others too. It also looks like decreasing procrastination. I do a thing with my clients where we literally create a #blueprint of what life should and could look like. When they hit those #goals or continue to remain on track of their goals, I feel a sense of excitement. I feel this excitement for them because despite what they saw, I always saw greatness in them. Year 2022, will demand that I #achieve greatness, there are no other options. My goals are extremely too important to not win 🏅. So if you needed a sign🪧here it is, set your goals and go! Your goals are too important to not want to give them your best shot. Have patience with yourself and really ask yourself, did I not have time or did I create a space of no time?

Time is not a thing that we can take for granted. Do the things, take the trips, eat the dessert 🍨 first! You deserve all these things and more.

Thank you for coming along for this #thirtyfive day ride. Tomorrow is my birthday 🎂 and I would love to hear your thoughts on the comments. Send birthday wishes and advice! 🖍📝

Another trip around the #sun. 🌞 #thirtyfive is looking amazing!


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