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Welcome to The Invitation Journal Experience!

Psst come close....this is for you.

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Why The Invitation Journal?

It's a curated 90-day journey designed specifically to help you discover YOU. Maybe you knew who you were and lost it somewhere along life's twist and turns, or maybe you've been searching for yourself. This is not just a journal; it's a lifeline. Your prescription for self-discovery and healing. 


Inside, You Will Find:

  •  Daily Prompts: Dive deep to explore and understand your inner world.

  • Mood Tracking: Take a daily pulse on your mental health to better understand your triggers.

  •  Personal Quotes: Handpicked to not just inspire you, but also help you break free from anxiety and depression.

  •  Wins Section: Because combating negative thoughts starts with celebrating all wins, big or small!


What You'll Get Out of It:

  • Learn to Navigate Life's Ups and Downs: Gain real skills to manage through grief, trauma, or just the Monday blues.

  • Confront Your Triggers: Identify and face them to reclaim your life.

  • Reduced Symptoms of Anxiety and Depression: By understanding and tracking your moods, you're putting yourself back in control.

  • A Daily Commitment to YOU: The first step towards healing is committing to yourself.

  • An Incredible Community: Join others who have also accepted their invitation to self-discovery and healing.


TIJ Review

TIJ Review

Authored by Shandelynn 

​ Hey girl, I'm happy you've chosen you! Shandelynn here—your favorite Texas Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist.     Do you ever feel lost, anxious, or even a bit down? You're not alone, and it's time we tackle this head-on. Let's get you back to YOU, with The Invitation Journal. 

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