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I once heard the brain is the most dangerous neighborhood to walk around. #Mental health illnesses can be #manageable, if caught and properly maintained. Maintenance can look like seeing a therapist weekly, utilizing coping skills, taking #medication or other things. Statistics show 1 in 5 American adults experience some form of mental illness any given year. And across the population 1 in every 20 adults is living with a serious mental health condition such as #schizophrenia, bipolar or long term major #depression. There are still many widespread #misunderstandings about mental health, but I am #hopeful about the future. I #love that we are in a #space in time where people aren’t shy about taking care of themselves. The brain is one of the most #powerful #organs that should take #priority. For this very reason mental health should be talked about more often. Many people don’t #seek help due to societal “norms,” or the belief that one has to be “crazy” to ask for help. The African American population has suffered in the past because we were told that we should #pray, go to #church

and read our #Bible. While I believe in all of those things, I also know that #God gave us all discernment. God has also put a gift into others for these types of needs. (You know, therapists) Just in the last 24 hours there was a news story circulating about a man that killed his ex-wife, ex-girlfriend then turned the gun on himself. Stories like this are extremely disturbing - especially when there are some excusing the behavior. My wish for situations like this would be that we be able to catch things before the spiral happens. #Healthcare workers are needed, this field is taxing asf, but the #rewards are so great. Be gentle with one another, we are all in this together! To my clients, thank you for the #privilege of entering your lives and helping to change your #stories. Less than 30 to go! Road to #thirtyfive


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