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Pass the Palo Santo

#Palo Santo also known as “#holywood,” is best known for its ability to invite #positivity into the world of the person that has lit it. As always I never know what I will write about until the subject hits me. As I dragged myself inside from a long day of sitting with some of my favorite people, I needed a pick me up. My house felt a bit “#meh” so I decided to strike a match. Instantly I felt #rejuvenated and a spike of #energy hit me (definitely not like the 2 punches I received,or wait, maybe lol). I can’t lie, day nine might have not made it 🥱without hitting the #wood 😂.

But why is the holy wood the focal of today’s day post? This week I explored a lot about how we begin to agree with negative things people say about us or the #negative things we say to ourselves unintentionally. Whether we know it or not, even in the times we poke fun at ourselves, there is a possibility that we begin to own it. An example, I used to say “I don’t take myself seriously.” For me, I know what I know, but I’m not one to brag. In the most humblest way, I know my shit and show it when I need to. But, I #believe that #mind, #body and #soul hears everything and may misinterpret our words.

Let’s take control of what we tell ourselves. Also, go burn some holy wood to ensure you don’t become a #negativenancy. No one likes Nancy, she is an energy #vampire.

SideNote: Burn with #caution ⚠️ and if you think you can’t be safe with #fire 🔥 think about #Smoky. “Only you can #prevent forest #fires.” So find a designated person to light it up, (we shall call them your DP).

Road to #thirtyfive..Day Nine


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