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Take up space and reclaim your time without fear of judgement.

Your well-being is my ultimate concern. Since 2013, I have provided women and adolescent girls Houston, TX and surrounding areas a wide range of therapy services to suit their needs. Whether you’re an individual, a couple or a family looking for help - my therapy sessions are designed to strengthen your confidence, and assist you in the healing process.

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                "Yes Woman"

                   "Yes Man"

As far back as you can remember you have always been the support for others, even sacrificing yourself when you were in most need. You began saying yes because it was the right thing at the time. Over the years you have become tired of saying yes, but fear rejection. You tell yourself that you do not want to be a rug for others to walk over but it still happens. What if you begin to day no? What would life be like?

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Do you get the feeling that you've never truly known yourself or lost yourself in a relationship or during life itself. You maybe convinced yourself that "they" deserved more than you because you weren't worthy of that type of love. You are always there, no matter how many times you were let down. You can remember when you were different, but the light at the end of the tunnel isn't clear. You miss her and wonder when she will be back? Lets begin the process of welcoming her back.


Self-Compassion & Grace

You tell yourself that you have more than most, so you should be grateful. Constantly kicking yourself when a mistake is made. You are unsure of where the behavior or thoughts come from, you just know that they are uncomfortable. Maybe you know exactly where it comes form but the memories are too painful to relive. You add constant guilt to your already full suitcase. Lets together unpack your luggage.

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Excessive Worry

The smallest things scare you. You've began to question everything you do because of a need to be perfect or not let your flaws show. But where does it come from? You have been wanting to dive into your deepest self, but the unknown is terrifying. P{panic attacks force you to instead pretend things are okay for the sake of making it through the day. Why not get someone to walk along with you?

Additional Specialities

  • Life Coaching 

  • COVID-19 Pandemic Stressors

  • Depression

  • Life Transitions 

  • Anxiety

  • Family Conflict

  • Relationship

  • Goal Setting - Solution Focused 

  • Accountability- use of Narrative Therapy Approach 

  • Coping with new and old stressors

  • Social Distancing Recuperation/Fatigue

  •  Communication Conflict

  • Dealing with divorce- Reclaiming yourself

*Although all therapy approaches/modalities are not listed, I utilize a blend based on the needs of the client. 

Invest In You

Investing in yourself is the most quality and long lasting expense you will ever pay. The benefits are long lasting and valuable not only for you but those around you.


Individual $160
Family/Couple $200


Payment will be processed at the start of your session. If there is a no show or late cancellation the fee will apply.


Please remember to cancel or reschedule 24 hours in advance. You will be responsible for $100 fee if cancellation is less than 24 hours.

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