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Eat the dessert 🥧 first

Society gives us so many #rules to live by. #Society also will attempt to make you believe that you are supposed to live by those rules. I’ve always been a foodie, and for the longest time I would be looked at strangely for eating my salad last. I especially remember a dinner with family at Golden Corral, in which my aunt asked “why.” I couldn’t give a justification at that time, but now I know with all certainty of the answer. I was #born to #break the rules, #humbly I am the #rulebook. The general rule of thumb, for me, does this help my fellow human beings. Now, obviously there are exceptions to all rules right?! I’ve never claimed to be #perfect, I actually fight against the urge to be daily. It’s a hard fought #battle, but I feel like I’m winning more and more.

Eating the #dessert first would be competing with yourself, because there is always room for #improvement. Eating the dessert first could also be literal, some days I choose the baked #cookies 🍪 first. Daily we are allowed to choose how we can be better for ourselves and for others. For those that can actively get up and get shit done, be grateful. Some of us struggle with seen and unseen battles - some that could take us to our #knees. For those, we should say a prayer and then give gratitude.

Road to #thirtyfive….Day 11


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