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The Invitation

The 90-Day Journal for Personal Discovery

The Invitation Journal was curated with you in mind. On this journey you will re-discover you! Imagine yourself being invited to an event and for this event you get to choose what you’re wearing, who will attend, how you will get there etc. 

Inside you can track your daily mood, you will set up your week by creating a goal (promise) for yourself. Inside you will also have a space to notate affirmations or quotes that got you through the day. lnside you will find prompts that have been created in such a way that they can be used multiple times. There is also what I call “teaching moments” which gives lessons such as “permission and grace.” 

There is also a space for brain dumps and notating your wins and challenges for the week. I also have included handpicked quotes. 

 The goal is to invest in you for 90 days to see what changes you can manifest.


The Invitation- Confidence
The Invitation- Seek Peace
IMG_7749 Medium.png

Have you been struggling with remembering who you are? Or, have you been feeling lost lately? The invitation Journal is your solution! Curated with you in mind, helping you to release emotional distress due to missing the old you. 

Gift yourself RELIEF! Choose you by challenging yourself to freedom in wander. Journeying to a more enhanced version of you.  

Will you accept the challenge?

Shandelynn Jenise

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