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If I text, don’t call 🤭

Updated: Dec 19, 2021

I feel like there are unspoken #rules everyone isn’t following. I am such a moody only #child 🥴 and I enjoy my own space. I am a true #introvert at heart ♥️ and need to recharge alone. A #fact about me, I have been known to watch my phone ring 😅. This action has never had anything to do with the other person, #boundaries are just important. Can you believe I used to #promote parties and lovedddd a good outing with my friends?! Oh childhood, thank you for securing such a #festive lifestyle back in the day!

Now, I know that I am not the only one that pays attention to the no call rule?! Please, don’t all #speak at one time, maybe just raise a hand. For those willing to #admit that they are like me, what are you doing with your time? In my experience those kinds of days show up when my day has been terribly #draining and television must watch me. I usually do not have the #capacity to listen to anything that requires my #attention. I’ll attach a list of my favorite #coping #strategies for those draining days. Let me know if any work for you. 1. Walking in nature 🚶🏾‍♀️

2. Hot shower/Relaxing bath 🛀🏾

3. Fresh cup of #tea 🫖

4. Tossing the ball with Sam Sam 🐕

5. Journaling ✍🏽

6. Falling down a IG rabbit hole 🕳

7. Blasting #music and #dancing like no one is watching 🎶💃🏾

#thirtyfive is near


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