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Pandemic. Panaroma. Pandemmy.

Millennials… ya’ll doing? I’m starting to believe that chaos follows us, let me explain. We have lived through some of the most traumatic events thus far, here’s the list: September 11th also known as 911 or 9/11 Mr. B aka Uncle B aka President Barack #Obama *cues Jeezy* (IYKYK) Iraq/Afghan wars aka the hunt for WMDs *sighs* Y2K (this counts right?!?!) ALL of the school shootings Hurricane Katrina *rolls eyes* Recessions Recessions Recessions A possible Ebola crisis A T

NEVER a Shirley, always a Barbara!

Okay, maybe that was a bit dramatic, but if you know the story it was 🗣 #dramatic asf. So here is the lesson I received in this beloved song. Real #love stands through the test of time, however, attachments vary. #Trauma bonds are formed and BAMN #thirty years are gone and I’m pretty sure we have nothing more than the pain that brought us together. If you don’t know these two staples of old school R&B, let me fill you in. Shirley and her man lived together and one night she

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