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I got punched out, yikes!

So for years I tried to leave the hospital I worked for. I think it began like all jobs, a new place with new people and all the #hope in the world. There were cracks in the #foundation, but what place doesn't have issues. The hospital gave me what I needed to get fully licensed, and it told me what I needed to have a successful business. Some of those things needed are great people in leadership roles, those that are competent and those that care about #helping others. I think in the beginning the ideas and optimism is what shined, but what's that saying "everything that glitters is not gold." It wasn't all bad though, I found my friend group and I love them #forever. I'd been told for the last year that I needed to just leave, but I was too terrified of the unknown. I would think, "I have too many responsibilities to just up and quit." What I would find out is, God had other plans. I returned from a trip and decided to go into work on my off day so that I could attend bible study on my typical work day. Well things didn't go as planned, but I think that is something we have to get used to.

At work my friends and I were attacked by a patient, and that was the turning point in my career path. After #three weeks of being out of work, I decided enough was enough! The hospital's CEO promised that she would hire security, but that was just another lie from someone that was not #trustworthy. But here is the #good, that lie along with the two #punches I received, forced me to #leap into the #unknown. I had no other choice but to bet on me. While winning isn't as glamorous as it is pictured to be, I am loving this phase of my life. This is #freedom, this phase is constantly forcing me to grow.

The #lesson, bet on you no matter what, you will #win. If what you want is real and true, you will make a way to get where you want to be. I am on my #path and my #dreams are lit, I am making way. I #hope this message is for someone and that it forces you to leap out of your #comfort zone so that you can win too.

Day 5.....#thirty to go.


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