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So, is it Love or Loyalty

I believe, if it's real #love then #loyalty will always be there. There is no real end time for true love, we move on, but love remains. When I was younger my #family always talked of "mad day" and what would happen once it came. The funny thing is, life happens in cycles. We all tend to think we are the ONLY and FIRST person that something is happening to. How #narcissistic are we all lol?!? But, the #facts of life remain, there is nothing new under the sun, it just comes back around. When mad day eventually comes around, it is a shock to the system. So I ask, is it love or is it loyalty? Here's what I believe, love and loyalty are on equal footing. Therefore, if I ever truly loved you your #secrets are safe with me. I don't believe in airing out others #business, it's just wack. Whether we know it or not, it's honestly a privilege to be invited into another person’s #soul. Maybe this is why I love being a therapist so much. I essentially get to hear, see and feel a glimpse of a #stranger that has entrusted me to guide/teach them how to #overcome. And boy, somedays there are ups and somedays its downright #devastating. What I love most is seeing the transformations in my people and that light bulb moment when they realize it was ALL them.

Do you see your #friends and family as I see my clients? Privileged to share space and enjoy life with one another. I hope so, but if you don't maybe you will begin to do so. So back to mad day, are you the one that has spilled all the #beans? Or, have you been the victim of beans being spilled? Either way, I hope it didn't have enough time to influence the person you are hoping to become. Please, don’t let the world tell you who you are, you’re so much better than that! (#PinkyPromise) Maybe we can begin to #accept love and pray for loyalty.

The road to #thirty-five...cheers to day 3!


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