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Jump, you will SURVIVE!

Updated: Dec 2, 2021

HEY YA'LL! In anticipation of my, get this, #THIRTY-FIFTH birthday I have challenged myself to write a post each day until then. Life has been doing its thing and its taught me a lot. Each day I plan to share my most precious lessons and blessings learned. I am so excited for you all to join me, and cannot wait to hear your thoughts!

Lesson Number 35: Jump, you will SURVIVE!

As we grow #older and #wiser, we begin to think about all the ways in which people have changed, and most importantly how we have changed. Secretly, I think we begin to formulate what we like and dislike about ourselves and others. For me, this #journey has most certainly thought me that growth is #powerful and #necessary. I began making decisions, that defined the person that I wanted and hoped to become. Sometimes those decisions are harder than others, but needed. What I have realized, everyone can't continue on my journey, and that's okay. Possibly one of the hardest things about that, is I wished that I could take them with me. I believe that people are put in our lives as #lessons or #blessings. But, I also believe that there could be a blend of the two. The funny thing about life is that, we get those lessons often and if we aren't careful we can turn blessings into lessons.

Last year I was taught a blend of both, lessons and blessings. I found #love and #happiness with being alone to experience my own thoughts. I was able to explore things I loved and things that I did not love about how life was going. My blessing, I could go a significant amount of time without socializing with others. Of course, the lesson, I was alone! I never realized how much human interaction meant, not just any interaction, but those with friends. I found that I would get so terribly bored and I began craving #socialization. On the other hand, I found that I did not have much in common with some friends. I decided that I no longer wanted to have the same kinds of conversations, feeling stuck doing the same activities or traveling to the same places. This year took that lesson to a new level. I took a stance and actively chose to drop people and be okay with the fallout. I have to say, it's been amazing setting #boundaries and sticking with them. This year I have felt the freest and I am grateful for staying true to my standards. So, if you find yourself in the same place, but you want to change, take the #LEAP!

So here's to counting down to #35!


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