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Pimpin Ain't Easy, but it's Necessary

We were all placed here for a reason, though that reason sometimes is hard to figure out. My reason began because of a love of teaching people. When I was #younger I would create homework and other things to "teach" my cousins in my make believe #classroom. I have always wanted to create ad #teach, I am amazed in how it has shown up in my life. I am so curious about how people work and why we do the things that we do. For a long time the only question I had was "why." At some point I came to the conclusion that I would never find out why people worked and thought as they did. One huge factor, is that we lack communication skills. #Communication is #everything, spoken or unspoken. There is so much to be said, and if we were willing to go to a place of openness and vulnerability we would advance further.

Please, do not get me wrong, communication is hard asf! No matter how trained or disciplined we are, its though. I always laugh at myself when I am #struggling because I teach this to others and it #WORKS lol. I think sometimes I am too #passionate and all of that discipline goes out of the window. However, there is always redemption but, you have to want to be a better communicator. My #2021 goal was to be a better communicator, and #trust me, I am much better. My #gift is helping others to be a better version of themselves. I use my gift through #authenticity, I show up as myself in session and my clients have won many times over due to it. Find your gift and use it to #enhance yourself and the world.

Road to #thirty-five...Hello Day 6!


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