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Pandemic. Panaroma. Pandemmy.

Millennials… ya’ll doing? I’m starting to believe that chaos follows us, let me explain. We have lived through some of the most traumatic events thus far, here’s the list:

September 11th also known as 911 or 9/11

Mr. B aka Uncle B aka President Barack #Obama *cues Jeezy* (IYKYK)

Iraq/Afghan wars aka the hunt for WMDs *sighs*

Y2K (this counts right?!?!)

ALL of the school shootings

Hurricane Katrina *rolls eyes*

Recessions Recessions Recessions

A possible Ebola crisis

A Trump Presidency

NOW a MF Pandemic……So again, #Millennials, how are ya’ll? I can honestly say that I am tired. I realized last year that although I am a true #introvert, I have #extrovert tendencies. I recharge alone (while watching my phone ring), but I also want to do ratchet things with my friends. I experienced feelings of #loneliness even with still working and seeing clients. I found that I missed my friends and family dearly, but I was too afraid to visit with them because I worked at a hospital. I was completely exhausted from seeing death or experiencing it so close to me that I became paranoid. I could not imagine losing someone that was extremely close to me, yet, I have friends that was not as fortunate. Attempting to care for them and for self, it became exhausting in that I was not sure how to help. What I learned is that it’s better to just be still and experience the moment. Being #present has been the best gift in my #opinion that has been helpful with all cases. To those that have loss family and friends, you continue to be in my prayers.

We are failing this group project, and it feels like we will continue to do so if we cannot get on one page. I began thinking, this is the reason I hate group projects! Also, it doesn’t help that I am an only child. *deep breaths* I feel that “twenty-twenty” truly gave us clear vision on who we are as individuals and as a whole. It is not always pretty, but when the #sunshine hits just right life is AMAZING. #Lessons:

1. Take time to be present in all things.

2. Society isn’t allowed to tell you how to think, but you should remain logical and do good for all.

3. Stop littering, you’re killing the planet and Gaia is beautiful.

4. Respect others’ opinions, after all they are like assholes lol.

5. Family and Friends are #blessings be #grateful.

6. Above everything, be true to self!

Road to #thirty-five….Day 4!

*those traumatic events, obviously aren’t a complete list, but you get the point*

*please remember this is my perspective of my experiences*


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