God Places Angels on Earth...

God places #Angels on #Earth, I believe that this is one of the many reasons we should treat one another with kindness. As a therapist, I have heard so many sad and #traumatizing stories that are completely devastating sometimes. I can remember at the start of my career, I would hide and bury tears so that my client didn't see my reaction. Now, as I have grown into my own, I am willing to share those parts of myself because it is important for people to see that I am #human

Pandemic. Panaroma. Pandemmy.

Millennials…...how ya’ll doing? I’m starting to believe that chaos follows us, let me explain. We have lived through some of the most traumatic events thus far, here’s the list: September 11th also known as 911 or 9/11 Mr. B aka Uncle B aka President Barack #Obama *cues Jeezy* (IYKYK) Iraq/Afghan wars aka the hunt for WMDs *sighs* Y2K (this counts right?!?!) ALL of the school shootings Hurricane Katrina *rolls eyes* Recessions Recessions Recessions A possible Ebola crisis A T