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God Places Angels on Earth...

God places #Angels on #Earth, I believe that this is one of the many reasons we should treat one another with kindness. As a therapist, I have heard so many sad and #traumatizing stories that are completely devastating sometimes. I can remember at the start of my career, I would hide and bury tears so that my client didn't see my reaction. Now, as I have grown into my own, I am willing to share those parts of myself because it is important for people to see that I am #human too. I think people need to know that I hear them, see them and feel what they feel. I am also told by my clients and potential clients how important it is for them to have a therapist with emotions and experiences to share.

There are times when we get the biggest lessons from strangers, and I love the #lessons that show up when they are needed most. My clients have no clue how much they have helped me to see the world in different ways. I remember my very first client that had me fearful to sleep because I didn't know if he would in fact harm himself over the weekend. If I were to talk to him again, it would be important for him to know the lesson he thought me in learning how important it was to learn how to filter what I hear in session. In the beginning I would describe myself as a dumpster, in that people came and dropped their items off and I would be left holding on to them tightly. As a therapist with more than a decade of #knowledge and experience, I now can hear the best and worst things and not take it on as apart of myself. This week I was #blessed to be apart of many stories, and even in their dark times, I am so excited to get to work. My biggest goal and hope is to help people see how great they can be with some assistance. I feel like I am surly one of the Angels #God has sent and He has prepared me with gifts to help others.

The #lesson I hope you as a reader will get from this, be #gentle with others, you never know what others are going through. Also, excuse my absence, blogging for 35 days straight was a huge undertaking.


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