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That picture in your head

We all have a picture in our head of how our lives will be. Some of us can #manifest that very thing, or something similar. For others, life can take a crazy shift. The beautiful thing about life is that we can get up and choose how hard we want to go for our dreams. "The #dream is free, but the hustle is sold separately." How hard are you willing to go for your dreams? For my dream I was willing to complete a 4 year #degree, move to a new state for an additional 3 years of schooling and 2 more years of supervision for my license. Whew! My #path isn't too different from others, but it was most certainly a huge sacrifice that I am happy I chose. I cannot say that this was the picture in my head AT ALL. To be #honest, I am not sure if I had timeline, I just knew I wanted more. There are certainly things I wish I would have been more cognizant of, for instance the pride in attending a #HBCU. I have to say, my #path turned out great, but I low key wished I would have chosen a Historically Black College/University. I definitely sometimes feel as though I missed out on a #sacred journey. But hey, it's never too late to fulfill that dream.

On the other hand, in my schooling tenure I have met some of the best people in my journey. Others most certainly have been #lessons, but I am thankful for the lessons. I am even more so grateful for the opportunity to grow from those lessons. I count it a #blessing to still have intimate friendships with those that remain in my circle. Life takes us on rollercoaster worthy journeys, we just have to strap in and hold tight. Let's remember crazy can't live forever, when the shift happens be prepared and remain present. The picture in your head can be yours, just learn to be okay when or if it is slightly different.


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