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Be Choosey

Day 14, here’s to planning the #perfect work day 🙌🏾. Small celebration for getting nothing on the list done with the exception of #happy hour! Typically I would feel unaccomplished, but the day was totally out of my #control. I spent most of my day in meetings and on hold with #insurance companies, yay 🥴. It’s interesting the way I’ve been able to adapt to my circumstances as I’ve grown older. I can recall in the past being extremely impatient and wanting instant #gratifi

Pass the Palo Santo

#Palo Santo also known as “#holywood,” is best known for its ability to invite #positivity into the world of the person that has lit it. As always I never know what I will write about until the subject hits me. As I dragged myself inside from a long day of sitting with some of my favorite people, I needed a pick me up. My house felt a bit “#meh” so I decided to strike a match. Instantly I felt #rejuvenated and a spike of #energy hit me (definitely not like the 2 punches I rec

NEVER a Shirley, always a Barbara!

Okay, maybe that was a bit dramatic, but if you know the story it was 🗣 #dramatic asf. So here is the lesson I received in this beloved song. Real #love stands through the test of time, however, attachments vary. #Trauma bonds are formed and BAMN #thirty years are gone and I’m pretty sure we have nothing more than the pain that brought us together. If you don’t know these two staples of old school R&B, let me fill you in. Shirley and her man lived together and one night she

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