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Be Choosey

Day 14, here’s to planning the #perfect work day 🙌🏾. Small celebration for getting nothing on the list done with the exception of #happy hour! Typically I would feel unaccomplished, but the day was totally out of my #control. I spent most of my day in meetings and on hold with #insurance companies, yay 🥴. It’s interesting the way I’ve been able to adapt to my circumstances as I’ve grown older. I can recall in the past being extremely impatient and wanting instant #gratification. These days I’ve come to the conclusion of, work the list by priority and whatever doesn’t get done can be done later. The thing about #pressuring myself didn’t make me feel fulfilled or accomplished. I feel that I felt #swamped and drained.

As I’m growing older, I am choosing the things that bring me #joy versus #pain. If there is no #reciprocity, I don’t want it. I want to feel fulfilled in all spaces, in all #relationships. I am deserving of that and more. This journey has eliminated people and things out of my life, and this is okay. Today I challenge you to find the things that bring you #joy versus #pain. Indulge in yourself and those that fulfill your #soul, you #deserve it.

Day 14, thanks for joining me on this #journey


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