• Shandelynn Hillard, LMFT

Workplace Blues

“Today I am done...on second thought, I can do this!”

Has this ever been you? Have you ever wanted to get up and declare your freedom at that very moment? Have your counterparts pushed you beyond what you “knew“ you were capable of surpassing?

Well look at you still surviving, still kicking ass another day! Those are all questions I’ve posed to myself at one time or another in my life. I often wonder how did I make it? What superpower do

I possess that keep me looking forward, towards more? You know, I’m not completely sure, maybe each time is different. Either way, look at me surviving and kicking ass!

You too can keep it moving, what is that strength inside of you? Which superpower helps you through the day? What is your motivation to make life your oyster?

Take this time to answer those questions. Quietly reflect on you, and what it is that you do to keep things moving forward.

You are a warrior, now show us.

Shandelynn Hillard, MS, LMFT Associate

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