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Be Choosey

Day 14, here’s to planning the #perfect work day 🙌🏾. Small celebration for getting nothing on the list done with the exception of #happy hour! Typically I would feel unaccomplished, but the day was totally out of my #control. I spent most of my day in meetings and on hold with #insurance companies, yay 🥴. It’s interesting the way I’ve been able to adapt to my circumstances as I’ve grown older. I can recall in the past being extremely impatient and wanting instant #gratifi

Eat the dessert 🥧 first

Society gives us so many #rules to live by. #Society also will attempt to make you believe that you are supposed to live by those rules. I’ve always been a foodie, and for the longest time I would be looked at strangely for eating my salad last. I especially remember a dinner with family at Golden Corral, in which my aunt asked “why.” I couldn’t give a justification at that time, but now I know with all certainty of the answer. I was #born to #break the rules, #humbly I am th

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