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Shut up Alicia Keys

So, I was minding my own #business and “If I Ain’t Got You” decided to play. My girl (and I say my girl loosely) was willing to give up everything if she didn’t have this person by her side. Listen up people in the back, give me the world on a silver #platter and run them diamonds 💎 too. As I joke about this, I know that this is someone’s #reality, it just can’t be mine. She goes on to say, “nothing in this whole wide #world don’t mean a thing if I ain’t got you with me.” I’m not sure if anyone told her, the world 🌍 is massive #craig. I’m getting #codependency vibes and I don’t like it. In my life I have certainly wanted to remain in a relationship, but never to this extent. I figure, it was just #potential #baby, take the #lesson and run.

Please remember, these are my thoughts, if this situation works for you don’t let me ruin it. I am so in #love with #reciprocity, it is a non-negotiable in my book. I remember when that album came out, I definitely sang it with all my might, #cheers to growth! I want to feel equally loved by the person that I share my #world with, and vice versa. I am really curious about your thoughts on this song, especially now that there are more #mature experiences. Would nothing in this whole wide world mean a thing if you didn't have that special person by your side? Also, #reciprocity has to be present in all of my relationships. Lets acknowledge that the world has many beautiful people and places- I’d rather have those experiences with someone that shares feelings equally.

Thirty-Five or bust......issa countdown


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