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My Grandma's Prayers

My grandmother has been praying for myself and my family for as long as I can remember. My favorite memory is kneeling next to grandma's bed each New Year's Eve praying. We would all gather in silence, waiting to hear Mary's beautiful voice giving praise for the #mercy and #grace that God showed to her #children and #grandchildren throughout the year. Yes, we would be headed into a new year, but in that moment time stood still. It felt as if the prayer went on forever, and once she ended, we were all left in tears. Mary B's prayers flowed like #poetry and it filled our #souls with peace ☮️ and love💕 . I always felt comforted in those moments, then we would get up and share I love you's and hugs. Times are different now, Mary B doesn't carry on the prayer🙏🏽, but my cousin has taken over. We no longer kneel🧎🏽‍♀️ at the foot of my grandmothers bed, nor are we all together in one place. Things are completely different, with the exception of #prayer. No matter where we are now, we figure out how to connect before the clock strikes #twelve.

I often think about which #traditions I would like to carry on and which I would like to create within my family. I know that I would always want to have prayer, especially headed into a new year, I also know it will never be the same as prayers on N. Villere. Have you experience #nostalgia, in that you could drift back to places of #comfort and just #smile? I have introduced my friends 👫🏾to my family's way of walking into the new year and I #love that they look forward to it. I #believe my grandmothers past and continued prayers are forever #protecting me. Life has been life'n for sure, and I know my grandmother and #ancestors have made the difference. I have been blessed to have three decades plus some here on earth and I look forward to creating traditions and holding on to the comfort of #Mary B's prayers.

Issa countdown ya'll! Cheers to Day 2/365


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