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Are You Ready??

Are you ready for therapy??

“Why would I talk to someone who does not know me? Why would I expose my deepest, darkest, scariest secrets? How would meeting with a therapist help me? Why would some random stranger help me? I am afraid!”

I wonder sometimes how much of that internal dialogue goes through the heads of those that are needing help. I try to imagine how it is for those that come to me with their issues stacked so high against them that they can’t see clearly. Or how about those that are oblivious to why they reached out. I have been blessed to meet both types and more, yet, I am still waiting to see how this one (new client) can be helped in their own way.

I ask you: Are you ready to take a journey that may or may not be helpful, because the truth is there are risks and benefits to treatment? Are you willing to open up and take a chance on creating a lifestyle that could bring you to places you might have never thought to venture?

Therapy is about risks and benefits, healing and growth, solution and peace. Or, therapy could be about what you want to make it, my suggestion is, just try it!

-Shandelynn Hillard, MS, LMFT Associate

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