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Watch Your Feelings...

Have you all noticed the subtle change from greens and reds, to #reds and pinks in all of your stores? Yes, it's that time ladies and gents, #Valentine's Day. For some this day is a special day, for some a regular day, and for others this day might be #triggering. Each year #February 14th blows in like a tornado 🌪 for those that are triggered. There are many reasons for the triggering, and im willing to her that we can find likeness between some. For those that are triggered, a good step would be to make a plan prior to Valentine's Day. Part of that plan could be to process the reason that you are feeling sad, stressed, #angry or any other feelings. Is it feelings of #loneliness, or a lack in control with all the aisles of candy being stocked daily? How about an overall feeling of lack? Maybe remind yourself that you are still whole without any of the many material things you will see or hear. Maybe, its the #loss of a loved one, they are still with you!

What can be done to #reduce negative thoughts & feelings?

A #gentle reminder, love isn't only between those that are in a romantic relationship. Love can exist in a relationship with yourself, #family, and #friends. If you are particularly prone to #sadness due to grand gestures that you see, give yourself a #party 🎉. #Normalize celebrating yourself! 🕺🏽💃🏾You do not have to be in a relationship to receive #candy 🍭or #flowers 🌹, nor do you have to be in a #relationship to go on a date. Take time to validate your feelings, then give yourself #permission and #grace. Permission to feel your feelings and grace to take care of yourself after.

How can you support someone having a hard time?

If you know someone that typically has a rough time, reach out to them and check in. Maybe they are mourning the loss of a loved one. Offering a #listening ear can be a #powerful tool to assist your family member or friend. If you aren't busy, maybe suggest making plans to hang together. Support them as best as you can, but remember take care of your needs too. Lean on each other to create #beautiful memories.

Staying honest, this day can be #miserable for some, but it doesn't have to be. You can make a stand and choose to have a great day. Practice sending yourself good #vibes only.


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