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Age ain’t nothing but a ….

Updated: Dec 19, 2021

There is so much #pressure that comes from the #world 🌍 about when things should happen. It’s a constant #struggle, to be what is expected. I wished at some point the words “be yourself” would become a thing. In my #twenties there were constant pressures to look a certain way or to act a certain way. However, in true #rebellion form, I chose my path. Now in my #thirties, pressure doesn’t die down, in fact it increased. Surely at 34, I should have a family and million dollar lifestyle right?! According to some of #society and on social #media, I am unfortunately behind.

I actually think I am right on time with the milestones I have chosen. Am I ready to move into a new space, absolutely! But, I’m even more so excited to get things in God’s timing. I chose my path and others have chosen theirs. I think good #conversations can come from the different paths chosen. Todays #lesson, pick what is right and good for you and you won’t go wrong. The world will need to #experience the gifts you possess.

“Go be great love ♥️” (SN: I definitely said that in my most hoodest NOLA voice). (SN SN: “hoodest” isn’t a word but it fits the bill🙃😜)

Retiring 34 soon....


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