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Plan B

I knew taking on a huge task like #blogging daily would be #risky. It seems like time flies, when my #schedule isn’t solidified. Is this a getting old thing or a have a #planb situation?! Here’s the crazy thing, I’ve thought daily about how I haven’t blogged daily 🥴. So I guess the #lesson I’ve taken on is, #grace matters, especially when plan A doesn’t work. I’ve been so wrapped up in planning for 2022, that I forgot how important it was to finish strong. So, we are days away from my #thirtyfifth birthday, and the #pressure is on. I want to use this post as a reminder to you all, finish strong no matter what.

Now, I know, that title was a bit misleading right!??! lol

Road to thirty-five....SN shoutout to my client that told me I look like I would be turning 27 😉


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