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I did nothing!

Today, I gave myself #permission to not work. It’s been such a long day and I’m not even sure where work would have fit. I traded work for #adulting 🥱, this could explain the nap I’ve been wanting to take all day. I’m starting to wonder what an actual off day might look like 🧐. How do y’all spend off days? I legit beat my clients over the head with some of my #favorite words- permission and grace. There are times when we have to give ourselves permission to do things or to not do things. And, when we #fail, we give #grace. We #need and #deserve grace because life is life.

I am not sure when I first started using the two of these words…..but I am certain it came at a time when I was not allowing either for myself. What I find is, the #pressure begins to be non-existent when they are allowed into our world. I can then #breathe again knowing the only #rule there is, is to just be. Grace tells me that although my standard has not been upheld in that moment, it’s okay. Y’all know the saying “players mess up too.” Yeah, I know, inserts 4 letter word that begins with f and ends with k😅)

So my hope for Day Ten, after reading this (or after someone shares it with you) is that you begin to experience a world with both permission and grace. And, if you find that you are #struggling with doing so, be like Nike!

After all, what do you have to lose?

Still driving, hello day 10♥️


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