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I deleted your number, who this?

Oh my God, we made it y’all! #Welcome to 2022! I brought in the new year with prayer and one of my #besties. We sipped expensive #champagne 🍾🥂and talked about what this coming #year will bring and what was left in the past. There was a meme that said “still don’t know what I’m wearing to my living room“ and I felt that in my soul. Today, #honestly I felt like doing nothing but I forced movement. What I thought would be a self care day beginning with massage, ended up as a #shopping 🛍 spree and I can’t say I’m upset about it. My #birthday is in #three days and the only plan I have made is to get my lashes done 😝. I am making an agreement with myself that the theme this #year will be “choosing myself and all the self care I can handle.” This has to be the theme because so far it’s the only thing I’ve been dreaming about. Self care for me will look like: #dates with myself, more #massages, more #meditation 🧘🏾‍♀️,#travel, cuddles in front of the #fireplace and more laughter than I can stand. I have committed to leaving all things and people that are no longer serving me #positively. This road began last year and I am super excited to keep it going. I feel light and I’m #eager to continue to shed things that aren’t supposed to be attached to me. Part of this shedding will mean removal soooooo, “I deleted your #number, who dis.” What have you committed to leaving behind in 2021? What #habits are you excited to #create in 2022?


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